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This is Henning Meyerhenke's private homepage. Updates are rather infrequent, but I will add more content from time to time...


Since October 2011 my office is based at KIT in Karlsruhe, Germany.

PowerPoint und LaTeX

Using Beamer LaTeX slides for a presentation, is certainly acceptable and a good idea if you have formulas to show. Yet, my feeling is that it is easier and quicker to create nice presentations with a tool like PowerPoint. Formulas, however, are a pain in the neck with PowerPoint. But this problem can be solved by using an add-in such as IguanaTex or MathType. Try it yourself and tell me your opinion!

As a follow-up, PowerPoint 2010 for Windows has a fairly decent formula editor. However, when you create a file with PP2010 for Windows and open it with PP for Mac 2011, the formulas are not rendered correctly. Alas, Microsoft!

LyX and LNCS

To remember how it works, let me briefly explain how to enable LyX to use LNCS class files.

When time permits, I will add some links to more detailed descriptions.